relax, don’t do it

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boost your positivity

Is it because I’m a tad bit sad the boost your positivity challenge has come to an end or is it because I was busy watching cycling during the opening weekend in Belgium or perhaps.. was it the fact that I really wanted to try my new Creative Intuos Pen & Touch for the image of today’s post?
I think it was the combination of all of the above including the fact that life has been a bit busy lately. Anyway, I made the finish line just in time, so sit back, relax and read along.
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the shortcuts in life

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shortcuts in life

I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening and I only just managed to write this post by now. It doesn’t really do its title justice, but hey. The third boost your positivity challenge was all about those shortcuts in life. As in: what do you do to keep everyday things going smooth and efficient.
I guess the theme suits me really well as this is what I’ve been trying to do for the past year. Let me give you a glimpse at some tips to use in your life.
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