Meet… Hiro. Yes, we did find a name after all for our little sweetheart. He’s feeling right at home already and is so happy to have us around during the weekend. I got to take a few photos of him on the second day he was here and managed to get a few cute shots in Converse sneakers on Friday. He’s growing so fast, I should be taking pictures daily instead of weekly from now on…


  1. Stephanie mei 25, 2012

    Echt 3 supermooie foto’s! Heel tof effect dat Hiro precies vanuit de mist komt op de laatste foto! Echt schattig zo met z’n oortjes recht ^^. Veel plezier ermee nog 🙂

  2. O … M … G …. ik heb echt gewoon zin om dat beestje van m’n scherm te plukken en een hele dag op m’n schoot te zetten en te aaien ^^ TE LIEF!

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    […] evening we headed to Antwerp to pick up Akira (the hubby picked the name, it goes pretty well with Hiro). Akira is still a bit shy, but I did manage to snap a few pics of him yesterday […]

  4. […] as anyone else. During the first year in our house, it felt quite empty at times but once we got Hiro all the emptiness disappeared. My sweethearts make every day so much better. Of course, I feel […]


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